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Geospatial Support


In addition to the standard ANSI-99 SQL queries that are supported by Ignite and executed over primitive data types or objects of custom types, the platform also allows querying and indexing geometry data types such as points, lines, and polygons considering the spatial relationship between these geometries.

Spatial queries' capabilities, as well as available functions and operands, are defined by Simple Features Specification for SQL. Presently, Ignite supports the intersection operation (&&) of the specification with the usage of JTS Topology Suite.

Including Ignite Geospatial Library

Ignite geospatial library (ignite-geospatial) depends on JTS that is available under the LGPL license that is not aligned with Apache license and prevents from including ignite-geospatial into Apache Ignite binary deliveries.

Due to this reason, a binary version of ignite-geospatial library is hosted in the Maven repository shown below:

    <id>GridGain External Repository</id>

Add this repository and the Maven dependency below to your pom.xml file to make sure that the geospatial library is included into your application:


Alternatively, you can download Apache Ignite from the source releases and built the library on your own.

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Geospatial Support

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